Colors 1988

A confident young cop is shown the ropes by a veteran partner in the dangerous gang-controlled barrios of Los Angeles, where the gang culture is enforced by the colors the members wear.

Primary Colors 1998

In this adaptation of the best-selling roman à clef about Bill Clinton's 1992 run for the White House, the young and gifted Henry Burton is tapped to oversee the presidential campaign of Governor Jack Stanton. Burton is pulled into the politician's colorful world and looks on as Stanton -- who has a wandering eye that could be his downfall -- contends with his ambitious wife, Susan, and an outspoken adviser, Richard Jemmons.

Colors 2009

Colours is the story of Pinky, a tomboy who hosts a popular TV show, Colours. Her sister, Pooja and her life changes when Lt.Com. Sanjaynath becomes a regular visitor to their house.

True Colors 1991

Two law school friends find themselves at odds when one becomes a Justice Department lawyer and the other goes into politics.

Three Colors: Red 1994

Part-time model Valentine meets a retired judge who lives in her neighborhood after she runs over his dog. At first the judge gifts Valentine with the dog, but her possessive boyfriend won't allow her to keep it. When she returns with the dog to the judge's house, she discovers him listening in on his neighbors' phone conversations. At first Valentine is outraged, but her debates with the judge over his behavior soon leads them to form a strange bond.

Three Colors: Blue 1993

Julie is haunted by her grief after living through a tragic auto wreck that claimed the life of her composer husband and young daughter. Her initial reaction is to withdraw from her relationships, lock herself in her apartment and suppress her pain. But avoiding human interactions on the bustling streets of Paris proves impossible, and she eventually meets up with Olivier, an old friend who harbors a secret love for her, and who could draw her back to reality.

Ralf's Colors 2019

Landscape and cinema form an amalgam here, being both interior spaces of thought and feeling and projected images of an outside.

The Colors of Evil 2012

A story about of a young goth girl and her pursuit of revenge against a blonde socialite who condescends and bullies her. The young girl summons a demon to kill her bully, but gets an unexpected surprise.

Flying Colors 2015

A high school girl, Sayaka Kudō was the bottom of the class. After a year, she improved her deviation value from 30 to 70, then passed Keio University that is considered one of the most difficult to enter in Japan.

Three Colors: White 1994

Polish immigrant Karol Karol finds himself out of a marriage, a job and a country when his French wife, Dominique, divorces him after six months due to his impotence. Forced to leave France after losing the business they jointly owned, Karol enlists fellow Polish expatriate Mikolah to smuggle him back to their homeland.

Hidden Colors 5: The Art of Black Warfare 2019

The history of warfare as it relates to global Black society, broken down into 7 chapters that examines the ways the system of racism wages warfare from a historical, psychological, sexual, biological, health, educational, and military perspective.

Hidden Colors 2011

"Hidden Colors: The Untold History Of People Of Aboriginal,Moor,and African Descent" is a groundbreaking documentary that challenges conventional knowledge about the role of people of color in world history. We are generally taught that historically,most people of color around the world were primitive and uncivilized,and they only became modernized after they were saved and colonized by European explorers.The information in the film will uncover the real truth and and contributions of these people. .

Meet the Colors 2006

From the Award winning Preschool Prep Series, winner of Dr. Toys 10 Best Educational products. Learning Colors has never been so much fun! Children will fall in love with these wonderful characters as they "Meet the Colors." This video was developed due to the overwhelming success of Meet the Letters. Children who watch Meet the Colors can easily learn to identify colors by name in a few days. Meet the Colors is designed to teach color names to babies and toddlers while they are learning to talk. You will be amazed at how easily your little ones can learn their colors!

Colors and Life 2014

The struggle between art and rapture. A dream of becoming an artist, a painter. But dark demons lure in the background. Blasts from the past. Amund Anti Karasjok has been a major alcoholic most of his life.

All the Colors of the Dark 1972

Jane lives in London with her boyfriend Richard. Her mother was murdered when she was young, she recently lost a baby in a car crash and she's plagued by nightmares of a knife-wielding man. Richard thinks that the cure is vitamins, while Jane's sister recommends psychiatric help. But a new neighbour promises that if she participates in a Black Mass, all her fears will disappear, instead it just seems to bring her nightmares to life.

False Colors 1943

Before he was killed by Mark Foster's men, Bud Lawton willed part ownership in his ranch to Hoppy and his two pals. When the three arrive they find a fake posing as Lawton. When they expose the imposter, Foster gets the Sheriff to jail them for Lawton's murder.

Myriad Colors Phantom World 2016

In the near future, in a world born of human imagination, what humans would call ghosts or monsters appear, and they come to be called "phantoms." Haruhiko Ichijō, is a first year at Hosea Academy along with his upperclassman Mai Kawakami, who fights phantoms with the ability "Spirit of Five Elements," Reina Izumi, who has the ability "Phantom Eater," and Koito Minase, who fights phantoms in solitude. They experience the ups and downs of high school life before a certain incident leads them to the truth of this world.

IRODUKU: The World in Colors 2018

Set in the city of Nagasaki, the story takes place in a world where a miniscule amount of magic remains in everyday life. Hitomi Tsukishiro is a 17-year-old descendant of a witch family who grew up with stale emotions, as she lost her sense of color at a very young age. Feeling sorry for her granddaughter's future, Kohaku, a great witch, sends Hitomi to past, the year 2018. Through exchanges with her 17-year-old grandmother and her club members, the story follows Hitomi's growth as a person.

True Colors 1990

True Colors is an American sitcom that aired on Fox from September 2, 1990 to April 12, 1992 for a total of 45 episodes. The series was created by Michael J. Weithorn, and featured an interracial marriage and a subsequent blended family.

Sound of Colors

Sound of Colors is a Chinese and Taiwanese romance television series, based on a book of the same name by famous Taiwanese illustrator Jimmy Liao. It first broadcast on June 10, 2006 in Taiwan, followed by subsequent broadcasts in other Asian countries. A film version starring Tony Leung and Miriam Yeung was made in 2003, but the TV drama and the film have completely different storylines. While the television series is adapted from Liao's illustrations, the content of the TV version of "Sound of Colors" varies, as the plot is thicker.

Love In 3 Colors

Love in 3 Colors is a 1999 South Korean television drama series produced and broadcast by KBS starring Choi Ji-woo, Ryu Jin, Lee Hwi-hyang and Park Jin-hee. It premiered on KBS2 on May 9, 1999 and ended on November 14, 1999, airing every Saturday and Sunday at 20:00 for 56 episodes.

Three Leaves, Three Colors 2016

Futaba Odagiri is the new transfer student with a super energetic personality; Teru Hayama is the class president with a surprisingly mean personality contrary to her innocent looks; and Youko Nishikawa is from a formerly rich, now extremely poor family who still holds on to her princess attitude. These three unlikely students with clashing personalities become good friends and survive the day-to-day teenage life in a very funny story.

Lily Colored Rose 2011

‘Lily See Kulap” is a romance action comedy about a young woman from Hong Kong who fled her country to Thailand to get out of a force marriage by her uber wealthy father. Her name is Lily. She hires Nop (Cee), a former police officer, as her bodyguard to help her fend off her father’s two bodyguards who were sent by her father to haul her back to Hong Kong to marry Peter, her betrothed. More complete summary by Lyn's lakorn blog: Lily (Jakajan) is the only daughter of a very wealthy man in Hong Kong and she is a spoiled little brat. Her father wants her to marry Peter, the son of one of his closest friends. He wants to cure Lily of her selfishness and immaturity by marrying her off. Lily doesn’t love Peter so she flees to Thailand in search of her Thai friend and to find her true love. Her father sends out two bodyguard to bring her back to Hong Kong to marry Peter. When fleeing from her father’s bodyguards, she bumps into Nop and hires him as her bodyguard. At first, by the way she is dressing, Nop thinks she is a prostitute trying to run away from her pimp. Though he has misgivings about Lily, he does accept her proposition. Nop is going through a life crisis, he is having problems at home with his father who married a younger woman. He just quit his job as a public servant because of boredom. Nop is a former police officer. In meeting Lily, Nop’s life turns upside down.

Hanasaku Iroha: Blossoms for Tomorrow 2011

Ohana is sent off to live with her grandmother, who owns the hot spring inn. Upon arriving, she is put to work at the inn. Thrust into a life where the customers always come first, she struggles to find her place and fit in with her fellow coworkers.


ColorSounds was a national music video program televised on PBS stations in the mid-1980s. ColorSounds taught viewers how to read and speak the English language creatively through the use of music videos. In this series, a music video, the same one that would appear on channels such as MTV and VH1 is presented, with the lyrics shown karaoke-style on the bottom of the screen, with words associated with the video's focus highlighted in various colors. For example, if a music video featured nouns, every noun in the lyrics would be highlighted in red; accordingly, if another music video featured vowels sounds such as "a" all the a's would be highlighted in gray. ColorSounds presented an effective learning program through its multimodal approach to teaching and learning language. In addition, ColorSounds also made note of and corrected spelling mistakes and poor grammar in the original lyrics. The show had on air hosts who would introduce each song and conduct live interviews with the musicians of bands featured in the music videos such as B.B. King, Kool & The Gang, Carl Anderson, Sting, Phil Collins, TOTO, and Julian Lennon to name a few. The songs were captioned and the words color-coded pertaining to the lesson or topic to be covered in that particular song of the show segment. The show's first on air talent and associate producer was Jane Story, a University of Texas at Austin Communications graduate who majored in Radio/Television/Film. The show's founder and executive producer was University of Texas at Austin Professor/Linguist J. Michael Bell, PhD. Both the show ColorSounds and Story were nominated for two daytime Emmys in the category of best educational show and best performance, most notably for their production and performance of the segments "Rock and Read." In addition, ColorSounds, Bell and Story received the prestigious "Literacy Award" from Barbara Bush for the "Rock and Read" series.

The Colour of Magic 2008

As Rincewind involuntarily becomes a guide to the naive tourist Twoflower, they find themselves forced to flee the city of Ankh-Morpork to escape a terrible fire, and begin on a journey across the Disc. Unknown to them, their journey and fate is being decided by the Gods playing a board game the whole time.

Summer Romance Shines in Rainbow Color 2010

Taiga is a struggling second-generation actor who has developed a complex due to his father, a famous actor in his time. Most of the time, Taiga only gets to appear in variety shows. One day when his friend brings him out skydiving, a big wind drags him away from the dropping point and he gets stuck in a tree. A beautiful woman, Shiori, rescues him. Shiori is a cheerful woman who laughs away all of her worries. She's exactly the opposite of Taiga...

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