The Kitchen 2019

An Irish mob story set in 1970s Hell's Kitchen. After the mobsters are sentenced to jail, their wives take their place — and do as good of a job, if not better.

Soul Kitchen 2009

SOUL KITCHEN film centers on a likable but hopelessly disorganized restauranteur, Zinos, whose cafe is second home to a motley crew of lovable eccentrics. When his girlfriend Nadine up and moves to Shanghai, a love-sick Zinos decides to fly after her, leaving his restaurant in the hands of his unreliable ex-con brother Illias. Both decisions turn out disastrous: Illias gambles away the restaurant to a shady real estate agent, and Zinos finds Nadine with a new lover. If the brothers can stop arguing and get it together, the Soul Kitchen might still have one last chance at staying in business. The mayhem that follows is a hilariously entertaining story of self-realization, set to an irresistibly soulful soundtrack.

Hell's Kitchen 1999

When a robbery goes awry, the bandits all end up in a puddle of blood and only one lives and goes to jail for five years. Upon his release, the girlfriend wants her new boyfriend to kill him. Only trouble is the boyfriend knows that the fault was not the ex-con's and can't bring himself to do the task. Meanwhile, the ex-con tries to turn his life around by becoming a boxer and training under a former heavyweight contender.

Love's Kitchen 2011

Rob Haley (Dougray Scott), an up-and-coming chef and restaurateur in London, is grief-stricken when he loses his wife. With encouragement from his infamous friend and real life TV Chef Gordon Ramsay, Rob decides to spice up his life by turning a run-down country pub into a gourmet restaurant. His food catches the eye - and taste buds - of beautiful American food critic Kate Templeton (Claire Forlani) and they soon both write a recipe for love that leaves both their hearts - and their stomachs - in full.

Skate Kitchen 2018

Camille's life as a lonely suburban teenager changes dramatically when she befriends a group of girl skateboarders. As she journeys deeper into this raw New York City subculture, she begins to understand the true meaning of friendship as well as her inner self.

The Kitchen 2012

Jennifer's thirtieth birthday party is supposed to be a special day. But what starts out as a day of celebration quickly spirals into a most ill-fated day Jennifer wishes she could forget, in this ensemble comedy set entirely in a kitchen.

Kitchen 1965

Instructed by Warhol to write a vehicle for Edie Sedgwick in a “completely white” setting, scenarist Ronald Tavel created one of Warhol’s most iconic films. Here a group of performers of all stripes – the sink and litter basket receive equal billing to the human actors – are forced into Warhol and Tavel’s cruelly comical theatre of the absurd. Inside this cramped domestic space, boredom, confusion and a sense of existential dread hang heavy in the air. Warhol and Tavel transform the modern 1960s kitchen – replete with the latest gadgets and conveniences – into a chaotic laboratory for self-creation and interpersonal conflict.

Kitchen Sink 1989

From the bowels of the kitchen sink, comes a dark and tender love… An original and full-blooded short film that combines humour with surrealism and leads the viewer towards the fantasy of horror.

Int. Kitchen. Night 2018

A nervous married couple, two radiant high school graduates, an ambiguous folk song and a cake – the table is set for a disaster. A surreal satire about traditional values and antiquated prejudices.

The Kitchen 1961

In the business end of a kitchen, a polyglot staff strives to cope with a superhuman task. A microcosm of the world, the kitchen looms around and encloses its workers; they include Peter, the German cook, who is in love with waitress Monica, and constantly asks her to leave her husband. The pressure of the day becomes unendurable, and when Peter realises that Monica does not mean to divorce her husband his grief and pain cause him to run berserk!

Hell's Kitchen 1939

A paroled convict's efforts to improve conditions at a boys' reform school alarm the school's corrupt warden, who has been embezzling funds from the institution. He hatches a plan to derail the reformed convict's efforts and have him sent back to prison, and part of that scheme involves cracking down hard on the reform school's inmates.

Kitchen 2005

A young woman prepares a recipe for American-style lobster, which calls for cutting the live lobster into pieces, before throwing it, still alive, into boiling oil. Alone in her kitchen, faced with the two lobsters that are still moving, she tries to kill them as cleanly as possible.

Clancy's Kitchen 1997

Londoner Clancy Self has everything, a sucessful TV cooking show, good looks, fame, and a beautiful girlfriend. Clancy also has Jamie a live in lover. When a dead body is found in Clancy's kitchen, Clancy also has one more thing... a big problem.

Kitchen Girl 2001

In Kitchen Girl, Trecartin's frequent collaborator Lizzie Fitch throws herself into a state of total hysteria, portraying a girl who takes the childhood game of "playing house" to a dark and disturbing place. After pretending to cook dinner for her "kids," represented by colorful plush toys, she finds them lacking in appreciation of her efforts and throws them out the window. Fitch's overwrought performance is perfectly matched by Trecartin's skillful, hyperkinetic editing. Together they turn Trecartin's kitchen into a dimly lit world of mental trauma. Combining the innocuous with the malevolent, Fitch and Trecartin escort the viewer on a whirlwind tour of household dysfunction, child abuse, and isolation.

In The Night Kitchen 1987

Mickey falls through the dark into the Night Kitchen where three fat bakers are making the morning cake and so begins an intoxicating dream fantasy in this animated short adaptation of Maurice Sendak's 1970 Caldecott Honor children's picture book.

Kitchen Party 1997

A group of teenagers come together to indulge in that great Canadian pastime, the house-party, and find themselves literally confined to the kitchen trapped by an extraordinary well manicured carpet in the living room. Elsewhere, the parents of these kids have a dinner party of their own, where suburban pretense slowly melts away exposing childish obsessions.

The Kitchen 2006

At Michael's Santa Monica, a well-renowned restaurant known for its classic contemporary cuisine and award-winning wine list, talented chefs and the kitchen staff explain and demonstrate what it takes to produce culinary masterpieces every night. A behind-the-scenes look at the world of fine dining, this documentary features interviews with proprietor Michael McCarty, general manager Mark Goldfarb and sommelier Paul Einbund.

The Kitchen 1975

An early student work directed at UCLA by Alile Sharon Larkin and submitted as her "Project One." Larkin visualizes a mental ward as a possible equivalent to prison incarceration for women of color. –UCLA Film & Television Archive

Free Kitchen

The story is of a quirky mother and son who live in a modern Japanese, urban setting. The mother Kyoko has been long feeding human meat to her introverted teenage son, Mitsuo, who can now tell the sex and nationality of the meat he is eating. One day at the supermarket, Kyoko finds herself picking up the wallet of another housewife, Kanno. Kanno urges Kyoko to accept a token of gratitude but Kyoko declines. Kanno finds the stubborn refusal disturbing.

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