The Wing or the Thigh 1976

Charles Duchemin, a well-known gourmet and publisher of a famous restaurant guide, is waging a war against fast food entrepreneur Tri- catel to save the French art of cooking. After having agreed to appear on a talk show to show his skills in naming food and wine by taste, he is confronted with two disasters: his son wants to become a clown rather than a restaurant tester and he, the famous Charles Duchemin, has lost his taste!

Divorce French Style 2 2016

Two years have passed. After missing their separation, the Leroy seem perfectly successful in their divorce. But the appearance of two new lovers in the life of Vincent and Florence will set fire to the powders. The match between the former spouses resumes.

Through The Fire 2018

Franck is a firefighter in Paris. He saves people. He lives at the station with his wife, who is about to have twins. He’s happy. During a call out to a fire, be puts himself in danger, to save his men. He’s going to have to learn to live again and accept to be the one being saved, this time.

Daddy or Mommy 2015

Florence and Vincent Leroy are a model couple. They have great jobs, a perfect marriage and delightful children. And now they want their divorce to be an equal success. But when they are both simultaneously promoted to their dream jobs, their relationship becomes a nightmare. From that moment on, the gloves are off, the two exes declare war and will do everything in their power to NOT have custody of their children.

16 Ans ou Presque 2013

Arnaud Mustier, lawyer and brilliant philosopher, arouses the annoyance of his younger brother Jules, age sixteen. One day, Arnaud is a victim of a late adolescent crisis. Helped by Jules, he is going to catch up this phase of the life which he did not live.

All Three of Us 2015

An Iranian family survives the shah and the ayatollah and moves to France. This story follows the family through it all. Despite the politics, revolution, prison, beatings, assassinations and suicides this is a comedy.

Now or Never 2015

As a mother, in principle, you do not rob banks. But these days, it can be a solution for the future of your home, and not to give up on your dreams. Playing the thieves can quickly become dangerous and bad encounters can turn into a love story ...

To Paint or Make Love 2005

An affluent, middle-aged couple's uneventful lives are forever changed when they move into an isolated house in the country and befriend an odd, younger couple.

Cop or Hood 1979

When the local police inspector was found dead in a prostitute's house, police division commissioner Stan Borowitz is sent to investigate the situation. Posing as the prostitute's long-lost brother "Antonio Cerruti," he discovers a mare's nest of police corruption. In fact, in this comedy thriller the whole town is corrupt. If they were closely examined, Stan's methods for pursuing this investigation might embarrass the police. For instance, he drives into a criminal's house in a fancy, expensive race car. In another incident, he callously blows up a casino owned by Musard , one of the town's crime bosses. On that occasion, he first forces Musard to remove his clothes, and the poor criminal watches his casino explode from across the square while standing naked in a phone booth. Meanwhile, Stan seduces the lovely Edmonde.

Where Do We Go Now? 2012

On a remote, isolated, unnamed Lebanese village inhabited by both Muslims and Christians. The village is surrounded by land mines and only reachable by a small bridge. As civil strife engulfed the country, the women in the village learn of this fact and try, by various means and to varying success, to keep their men in the dark, sabotaging the village radio, then destroying the village TV.

Reinventing Marvin 2017

Marvin, a gay actor in Paris who is struggling to write and perform a one-man theatrical show about his childhood. Unable to fit in at school, Marvin's life was changed forever when he discovered his passion for the theatre. With no support from his family, Marvin ran away from home to chase his dreams of becoming an actor. It is noted for an appearance by Isabelle Huppert, playing herself.

Sex, Love & Therapy 2014

A romantic comedy about two Parisian therapists who are so obsessed about getting into the sack with anyone they meet, they can’t ever get it on with each other.

Amour sur place ou à emporter 2014

Amelle and Noom are two young thirties are total opposites and that fate will bring. Serious She manager at Starbucks, and dynamic IT dilettante, smart, and apprentice comic. Both victims disappointments in love, they swore that it does take longer. So how do when despite all these opposites attract? A game of seduction then sets up for our greatest happiness. But all is not so rosy, families, friends, colleagues get involved, wars are declared, quarrels explode. Caught between the roots of their education and the fire of their feelings, which side will they choose? The love he will triumph? One thing is sure, they will make us have a good loads of fun and excitement ...

2 or 3 Things I Know About Her 1967

As the city of Paris and the French people grow in consumer culture, a housewife living in a high-rise apartment with her husband and two children takes to prostitution to help pay the bills.

Watch Me Burn 2018

After being bullied for months at school, 16-year-old Jonathan douses himself with gasoline and lights a match. Now, in an induced coma, his body covered in burns, his life is on hold, his parents are in shock and the school is in turmoil.

Granny's Funeral 2012

A provincial chemist in the throes of a mid-life crisis must choose between burying his dearly departed grandmother and cremating her in this quirky comedy of manners starring Valerie Lemercier, Denis Podalydes, and Isabelle Candelier.

Muriel, or the Time of Return 1963

A chamber drama about a widow and her son who live in an antique shop in Boulogne. The widow invites a man whom she loved twenty-two years earlier to visit. Her son is haunted by Muriel, a young woman whose death he may have caused while serving as a soldier in Algeria. As in Resnais' earlier films, memory is deflected, fragmented, enshrined, and imagined.

A Paradise Too Far 2017

Upon learning of their mother's death, Samuel and Émilie, two mentally challenged siblings, run away from their group home in the middle of winter. As they go deeper and deeper in the forest, their relationship is put to the test.

Alice or the Last Escapade 1977

One night Alice can't stand her husband anymore and she decides to leave him. It's a dark, rainy night and something smashes the windshield so Alice is forced to seek shelter in an old mansion. She is warmly welcomed but soon realises that strange things are happening. She tries to escape but it seems there's no way out.

Où es-tu? 2019

What if someone close to you suddenly disappeared without a trace? Days, months, then years pass and there's still no answer. Marie-Claude Barrette follows families and friends who have lost someone close to them in their quest to find out what happened.

Pegar ou Largar

Pegar ou Largar is the Portuguese version of Deal or No Deal. It is produced by SIC and hosted by Rui Unas. It was premiered on January 28, 2006 according to the Internet Movie Database. The set is similar to Miljoenenjacht, but the 26 cases are held by models, like the American version. The case values range from €0.01 to €300,000.

Topa ou Não Topa

Topa ou Não Topa is the Brazilian version of Deal or No Deal, broadcast in Portuguese by SBT. It is hosted by Silvio Santos. There are 26 cases, containing amounts from R$ 0.50 to R$ 1,000,000. On August 25, 2010, the gameshow returned and the host is Roberto Justus but in similar set to the old version. Like most sets of Brazilian versions of US game shows, their set and graphics are a dead ringer to the American counterpart. The R$1,000,000 grand prize was won by a man named Paulo in April, 2007.

À prendre ou à laisser

À prendre ou à laisser is the French version of Deal or No Deal. It was premièred in January 2004 on TF1. It is hosted by "Arthur", the vice-president of Endemol-France and popular radio presenter. The 22 boxes represent the 22 régions of France, with each contestant coming from that region. The prizes range from €0.01 to €500,000; and include three "joke" prizes and a "joker", containing an amount determined by the number of contestants who answer the "selection-question" correctly. The "joker" is €10,000 multiplied by the number of correct answers. There has been at least one winner of the €500,000 prize, by Sabrina on 29 November 2005. However, a contestant won €620,000: a contestant eliminated all the boxes without the €1,000,000 box and a box which contains the CD. The contestant sold his box for €620,000, and he had the CD in his box. It is always considered by "l'affaire du siècle". Other factors particular to the French version is that the prize is shared with a viewer who has phoned in to enter the competition; and offers of an "échange" are fairly frequent.

Vendre ou rénover au Québec 2017

Designer Daniel Corbin and real estate agent Maïka Desnoyers get into a friendly competition in every episode to help a couple make a big decision: sell or renovate?

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