Paul 2011

For the past 60 years, a space-traveling smart-ass named Paul has been locked up in a top-secret military base, advising world leaders about his kind. But when he worries he’s outlived his usefulness and the dissection table is drawing uncomfortably close, Paul escapes on the first RV that passes by his compound in Area 51. Fortunately, it contains the two earthlings who are most likely to rescue and harbor an alien on the run.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 2015

Security guard Paul Blart is headed to Las Vegas to attend a Security Guard Expo with his teenage daughter Maya before she departs for college. While at the convention, he inadvertently discovers a heist - and it's up to Blart to apprehend the criminals.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2009

Mild-mannered Paul Blart (Kevin James) has always had huge dreams of becoming a State Trooper. Until then, he patrols the local mall as a security guard. With his closely cropped moustache, personal transporter and gung-ho attitude, only Blart seems to take his job seriously. All that changes when a team of thugs raids the mall and takes hostages. Untrained, unarmed and a super-size target, Blart has to become a real cop to save the day.

Paul Sanchez is back! 2018

The reappearance of notorious criminal Paul Sanchez becomes an obsession for a young police officer who will do anything to catch him.

Paul, Apostle of Christ 2018

Risking his life, Luke ventures to Rome to visit Paul -- the apostle who's bound in chains and held captive in Nero's darkest and bleakest prison cell. Haunted by the shadows of his past misdeeds, Paul wonders if he's been forgotten as he awaits his grisly execution. Before Paul's death, Luke resolves to write another book that details the birth of what will come to be known as the church.

The Watchmaker of St. Paul 1974

Lyons, France. Michel Descombes is a watchmaker who lives alone with his teenage son Bernard. When the police visits and informs him that Bernard killed a man and is on the run with a girl, Michel realizes that he knew far less about his son than he thought .

St. Paul 2004

Director Roger Young (JOSEPH AND JESUS) presents this dramatic television miniseries that recounts the life of Paul (Johannes Brandrup) the Apostle of Jesus Christ. Originally known as Saul of Tarsus, Paul tortured and persecuted Christians until he experienced a vision of Jesus that forever changed his life. After converting to Christianity, Paul suffered persecution and imprisonment, but never stopped trying to spread the teachings of Christ. Notably, this program was shot on location in the Moroccan desert.

Pierre and Paul 1969

Pierre is a middle-aged factory worker with plenty of unresolved anger. After his father's death, his mother feels compelled to move in with him. Having just moved there with his beautiful girlfriend, he begins to feel the pressure. When the May Day revolt begins, he goes crazy.

Adam & Paul 2004

Adam and Paul are two young junkies living in Dublin and perpetually on the lookout for their next fix. During their search, they encounter various unsavoury characters and make some futile attempts at petty theft. As their day progresses, Adam and Paul get into a good share of trouble as they do whatever they can to score heroin, eventually running afoul of an imposing thug -- who only drags them into more shady activities.

The Legend of Paul and Paula 2005

Paul and Paula have had bad experiences with love: Paul is financially well off but has lost all affection for his wife, and Paula leads a troublesome life raising two children on her own. They meet and discover a strong passion for each other. Life seems like a dream when they're together - but their short flights from the burdens of reality are once and again interrupted by Paul's ties to family and career.

Vincent, Francois, Paul and the Others 1974

Three friends face mid-life crises. Paul is a writer who's blocked. François has lost his ideals and practices medicine for the money; his wife grows distant, even hostile. The charming Vincent, everyone's favorite, faces bankruptcy, his mistress leaves him, and his wife, from whom he's separated, wants a divorce. The strains on the men begin to show particularly in François and Paul's friendship and in Vincent's health. A younger man, Jack, becomes attractive to Lucie, François's wife. Another young friend, the boxer Jean, who's like a son to Vincent and whose girlfriend is pregnant, has taken a bout with a merciless slugger. Has happiness eluded this circle of friends?

Paul Bunyan 1958

A retelling of the classic Canadian / American tall tale of the enormous lumberjack and his loyal companion, an equally huge blue ox.

I Am Paul Walker 2018

Explore the life and legacy of actor Paul Walker, the Southern California native who cut his teeth as a child actor before breaking out in the blockbuster Fast and Furious movie franchise.

Paul and Michelle 1974

Taking place approximately three years after the events in Friends, Paul and Michelle follows the family of Paul Harrison and Michelle Latour-Harrison after they have been reunited. Paul has to cope with the difficulties he faces balancing work, college, and trying to maintain their family as well as a new love interest for Michelle.

Paul Is Dead 2018

The French philosopher Paul Eichmann, famous and controversial author of The theory of superimposed worlds, died on August 8 2018 at the age of forty years old.

Paul Is Here 2017

Paul is here. Like a step backwards, like a ghost knocking at the door. He is here, and his annoying presence will disrupt Jeanne's everyday life.

Paul 1974

After 7 years spent in jail Paul (Paul Lyss) is free again. With his old crew he celebrates his return.Nothing really changes and soon he finds himself spaced out drunk at some posh party and eventually ends up wielding a big gun.Hand held Camera movements in best Dogma-95 style and nervous cut makes it an interesting 70's euro crime flick.

Paul à Québec 2015

Paul à Québec is quite simply about life, at its happiest and at its most challenging. Paul and his in-laws offer us a window onto the everyday life of the Beaulieu family, but we also witness the decline of his father-in-law, Roland. Paul à Québec is a hymn to life that reminds us, among other things, of the beauty of those small moments when, in spite of the farewells, life shows us how important it is to savour every instant.

The Paul O'Grady Show 2004

The Paul O'Grady Show is a British comedy chat show hosted by Birkenhead-born comedian Paul O'Grady. The format was originally devised by Granada Television and was broadcast on ITV before moving to Channel 4, where the show was produced by Olga TV. The programme is a teatime chat show consisting of a mixture of celebrity guests, comic stunts, musical performances, and occasionally viewer competitions.

Paul Temple 1969

Paul Temple is a British-German television series . It features Francis Matthews as Paul Temple, the fictional detective created by Francis Durbridge, who solves crimes with the assistance of his wife Steve. Paul Temple used overseas locations in France, Malta, Germany and elsewhere. T

Harry & Paul 2005

Harry & Paul is a BAFTA Award-winning British sketch comedy show starring Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse. It was first broadcast on BBC One on 13 April 2007. Prior to broadcast it was trailed as The Harry Enfield Show. The show reunites the pair, who had success with Harry Enfield's Television Programme in the 1990s. The second series of the programme began on BBC One on 5 September 2008. This was the last series from the comedy producer Geoffrey Perkins who died shortly before the programme's second series began. A third series was commissioned and began 28 September 2010 this time on BBC Two to where the show has been moved, because of falling ratings. The fourth series began broadcasting in October 2012.

Peter and Paul 1981

Peter and Paul assume leadership of the Church as they struggle against violent opposition to the teachings of Christ and their own personal conflicts.

St. Paul 2000

Originally known as Paul of Tarsus, Paul tortured and persecuted Christians until he experienced a vision of Jesus that forever changed his life. After converting to Christianity, Paul suffered persecution and imprisonment, but never stopped trying to spread the teachings of Christ.

The Paul Lynde Show 1972

The Paul Lynde Show is an American sitcom that aired on ABC. The series stars Paul Lynde and aired from September 13, 1972 to September 8, 1973.

The Lakes With Paul Rose 2018

A four-part series about the Lake District. Paul Rose explores some of England's highest mountains and meets some of the folk who live and work in the UK's most-visited National Park.

Paul Daniels' Secrets 1995

Come to Paul Daniels exclusive nightclub and be his guest as he showcases the latest magicians and variety acts.

Pope John Paul II 2005

The life of the remarkable man who passed away after an extraordinary 26 year reign, and whose papal odyssey encompassed more than 120 countries and earned him the reputation of an international fighter for freedom.

Poor Paul

Poor Paul is a sex comedy and politically incorrect web series that stars Kevin G. Schmidt, Samantha Droke, Wes Whitworth and Zack Bennett. It currently airs on and Blip

Paul Trimmel

Paul Trimmel is the eponymous hero of a series of detective novels by Friedhelm Werremeier. He was popularized in the television series Tatort and portrayed by Walter Richter. Paul Trimmel is often compared to Georges Simenon's Jules Maigret.

The Paul Hogan Show 1973

The Paul Hogan Show is a popular Australian comedy show which aired on Australian television from 1973 until 1984. It made a star of Paul Hogan, who later appeared in "Crocodile" Dundee. Hogan's friend John Cornell also appeared in the show, playing Hogan's dim flatmate Strop. The show also aired on the New York Tri-State area television WWOR channel 9, in the early 1980s. Episodes of the series generally opened with Hogan, playing a version of himself he called 'Hoges', presenting a stand-up comedy routine dressed in his bridge rigger's costume of boots, shorts, and shirt with sleeves cut off. The show then presented a series of comedy sketches, usually with Hogan in the lead role and playing various recurring characters, these include: ⁕Leo Wanker: an inept daredevil stuntman; ⁕George Fungus: a take-off of real-life television journalist George Negus of the Australian 60 Minutes; ⁕Super Dag: an ocker superhero complete with terry-towelling hat and zinc-creamed nose. His powers include his ability to use his esky in innovative ways; ⁕Perce the Wino: an old drunken derro who starred in a series of silent, Benny Hill-style, sketches; ⁕Donger: variants of this beer-gutted character include Sgt Donger, the tough cop with a bionic beer-gut, and Arthur Dunger, a caricature of the suburban tinny-chugging Australian male.

Best Week Ever 2004

Best Week Ever is a weekly television program on the United States cable/satellite network VH1. It started airing in 2004 and was put on hiatus in the summer of 2009. In January 2010, it was announced that the show was cancelled. On August 3, 2012, VH1 announced the return of Best Week Ever. New weekly episodes began January 18, 2013. On the show, comedians analyze the previous week's developments in pop culture, including recent happenings in entertainment and celebrity gossip. The show's tagline is, "It's everything you love, everything you missed, and all the stuff you need to see again."

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