Mute 2018

A mute man with a violent past is forced to take on the teeming underworld of a near-future Berlin as he searches for his missing girlfriend.

Mute Witness 1995

Billy is mute, but it hasn't kept her from becoming a successful makeup artist. While in Russia, working on a film directed by her sister's boyfriend, Andy, Billy finds herself trapped in the studio one night and is horrified to see a snuff film being made. Billy escapes and, with the help of her sister, Kate, alerts authorities about what she saw. Unfortunately, in doing so, she makes an enemy of the Russian mafia, who funded the snuff film.

MUTE 2013

MUTE is an animated short about a world populated by people born without a mouth. When a gory accident leads to the discovery they are able to create their own mouth by cutting themselves, this releases an enthusiastic chain reaction among the population…

Mute 2014

Monika is raging. Monika is on the run. Monika is trying to escape from husband Richard. Her destination is Venice. Her partner in crime is Nema, a mute hitchhiker. Nema pushes Monika to follow her path relentlessly. Until Richard catches up and Monika has to fight for her freedom. Who is the man, whom Monika is will-lessly following? Who is the strange hitchhiker? How can Monika regain control?

Mute 2005

When we meet Eileen, we see her sabotaging her big sister's wedding. We find out that she blames her older sister, Claire for a car accident that has left her deaf and mute.

Mute 2016

Verbal communication has been outlawed by the rich elite, in an attempt to stop people speaking out against the conditions they live in. The new laws are enforced by the security department of the Spectrum corporation, a huge conglomerate of the five biggest companies in the world. A voyeuristic filmmaker falls in love with an underground spoken word artist. As they find themselves unable to talk to one another, they start to make small films and write letters to one another. As the poet speaks out against Spectrum, and its owners, their lives become in danger. Will they be able to save each other in time?

Mute 2001

2001 Sam Taylor-Wood video art work featuring a man praying in silence

Mute 2016

Danish star Albert Bendix leads A Color Green's directorial debut as Mute Man, a tongue-chopping madman violently plotting against three kids who stumble into his neck of the woods.

Mute 2011

The writer and actor Maddison Welch graduated from Cape Fear Community College in 2007. From then on things escalated.

Mute Date 2019

In the year 2020, a man and a woman go on a blind date in order to beta test a groundbreaking new technology.

(un)MUTE 2018

Art unmutes the silenced, questions, accepts, erases borders, brings people together and also, makes us humans.

The Deaf Mute 1913

Civil War drama of a Confederate spy who is captured by Union soldiers.

Mute/Solo/Record 2015

Two lifelong friends record a final song together before one of them leaves for the military.

Our Voices Are Mute 2008

In Our Voices Are Mute, anonymous silhouettes move slowly through visually distorted landscapes, confronting symbolic images that challenge the viewer's idea of 'journeys'; what they are, and how they affect us.

Mute Math: Flesh & Bones Electric Fun 2007

New Orleans-based electronica quartet Mute Math ignite the stage in this release of a live performance that displays the band's playful mix of classic rock conventions and 21st Century innovation. Veterans of Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and the Warped Tour, Mute Math performs an infectious series of hits that includes such fan favorites as "Break the Same", "Typical", "Reset", and "Chaos"

The Mute's House

A building in Israeli Hebron, which has been deserted by its Palestinian occupants, is called 'The Mute's House' by the Israeli soldiers stationed there and by the tour guides who pass by daily. The building's only occupants are a deaf woman, Sahar, and her 8-year-old son, Yousef. The family's unique story, in the midst of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, unfolds through the eyes of the young and charismatic Yousef, as he goes through his daily routine on both sides of the torn city.

Mute Samurai 1973

A master swordsman, Kiichi Hogan, wanders Japan in search of the Spanish swordsman who murdered his parents and slashed his throat 18 years before. Renouncing any normal life the samurai has become the feared bounty hunter, "Devil" Hogan, the Mute Samurai.

Muteki Kanban Musume 2006

Muteki Kanban Musume is a Japanese manga series by Jun Sadogawa. It was serialized between May 2002 and February 2006 in Akita Shoten's Weekly Shōnen Champion and was collected in 17 volumes. A sequel titled Muteki Kanban Musume N was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Champion between March 2006 and April 2007 and was collected in five volumes. A 12-episode anime adaptation produced by Telecom Animation Film and directed by Nobuo Tomizawa aired in Japan between July and September 2006. The original manga was licensed in North America as Noodle Fighter Miki, and the anime was licensed in North America as Ramen Fighter Miki.

Trider G7 1980

Trider G7, known in Japan as Invincible Robo Trider G7, was a Japanese anime television series which aired from 1980 to 1981. There were 50 episodes. It was also referred to as "Trider G7", "Unchallengeable Trider G7" and "Tryder G7", "Bird Attack Tryder G7", "Unrivaled Robot Trider G7".

Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3 1978

Sōzō Haran was a brilliant scientist that was conducting research on Mars. He created a form of cyborg life with the ability to think for itself. These cyborgs, dubbed the Meganoids (メガノイド Meganoido?), soon ran out of control and killed Dr. Haran along with his whole family, save his youngest son, the 16-year-old Banjō Haran. Banjō escapes from Mars on a rocket with a solar-powered super robot called Daitarn 3, which was built with the special metals of Mars. Now 18 years old and living on Earth in a luxurious mansion, Banjō fights against the meganoids and their leader, Don Zauser and his second in command Koros, with the aid of his faithful butler Garrison, his two gorgeous companions, Reika and Beauty, and an orphan boy named Topo. Together they must stop the evil meganoids which aspire to turn all humans into cyborgs and thus "improve" the human race.

Super Machine Zambot 3 1977

There once existed a planet named Beal, until it was wiped out by the mysterious entity known as Gaizok. The few remaining survivors escaped to Earth and split into three families, named Jin, Kamie, and Kamikita respectively. While attempting to start a new life, the collectively known "Jin Family" prepared for the inevitable Gaizok invasion on Earth and its giant mechanical beasts known as "Mecha Boosts". In order to defend their new home, they have built three vehicles which when combined form the mighty Zambot 3. The Jin Family must not only defend against Gaizok attacks, but also harsh criticisms from the very people they protect, who blame the Jin Family for the invasion in the first place.

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